Thursday, July 7, 2011

The 1st SFL EPS Workshop Fest

After a lot of hard work, stress and questioning ourselves on whether we, the workshop fest committee, would ever pull it off - we did pull it off!!! The 1st SFL EPS Workshop Fest was held on June 20th, 2011!!! From what we hear, it was a success, with many happy people asking for another one ASAP. Steve Neufeld started the day off with The Grammar Translation Method is dead.  Long live GOOGLE translate and finished with a closing plenary on Technology, Teaching and Training: Pragmatic issues and concerns. Thanks Steve - you definitely gave us a lot to think about for the next academic year... and of course some things to steal :) THANK YOU to our other presenters, Tahir, Nevin, Ildeniz, Ayse Ozverir, Musteyde, Nil, Erkan, Fatma G., John, Zehra N., Elmaziye, Emine, Ipek, Ramadan, Nazan, Feryal and Aysegul :) Wow, lots of people!! Next year, we hope to see a lot more people presenting... (this is a BIG hint inviting people to start getting ready NOW). The day finished with a short salsa dance show, (thanks Nibel for organising this), a prize draw (Guran or 'super woman' as she affectionately become known amongst the committee left no stone unturned when it came to getting prizes) and of course the FOOD and DRINK or the 'cocktail' sponsored by Deniz Plaza - THANK YOU Nafi. 

At the end of the day filled with many happy faces... the workshop fest committee were more than happy to go home, have a well-earned rest and get a good night's sleep. The day after, we found ourselves already planning the next one..... so start getting your presentations ready now.... we all have something to share... no matter how small we think it is ... just go for it. You can do it :)

Who are the workshop fest committee? Hatice Gunes, Nevin Adalar, Nurcan Garip, Ayse Ozverir & Guran K. Ruso.