Monday, July 2, 2012

2nd SFL EPS Workshop Fest

On the 29th June, Friday we held our 2nd SFL EPS Workshop Fest. The Director of the School of Foreign Languages at Yaşar University, Engin Ayvaz started off the day with his plenary on Deconstructing the Accreditation Process; the  Yaşar University CEA Case.  Engin gave background information on CEA and then shared the Yaşar University experience. 

Many thanks to all our presenters who followed - you did an amazing job! Our EMU presenters were Ayşe Onut, Ayse Ozverir, Munise Kesanli, Müsteyde Irıkoğlu Züğürt,  Nadiran Tanyeli, Nurcan Garip, Nilgun Hancioglu Eldridge and Tahir Eşlik. 

Ayse Onut - Building friendships in the global world

Ayse Ozverir - Prezi-ntation
Munise Kesanli - Cheers: to a beautiful world
Our guest presenters were Dindy Drury, Safiye Ispirto, Demet Gur, Bertunç Bayramoğlu, Orkide Şan Yılmam, Özge Öğmen and Özlem Zabitgil.

Orkide, Ozge & Bertunc - Connecting Classrooms Project- Photography Competition
(British Council)
Dindy Drury - Speaking? If only they would! If only they could!

Grant Kempton, from Izmir Economy University,  was our final plenary speaker of the day. This entertaining plenary - In Search of Excellence - according to the Tao of Phooey -  brought back childhood memories of Hong Kong Phooey. In the classroom do we want to be 'ordinary' like Sarge, Rosemary or Penry? Or do we want to stand out and be a 'Hong Kong Phooey' type character with the WOW factor? Thanks to Pearson and Saydam Berberoglu for sponsoring this plenary. 

The day ended with a cocktail, raffle and certificate ceremony for the British Council Online Learning Technologies Course Participants. Congrats to our 14 successful participants and a very proud moment, for both Ayse Ozverir and myself, the course moderators. Well done everyone!!!

Sonay Ezel receives her course certificate from Mark Baufield, British Council Director, Cyprus 

Guran and Ahmet with the raffle
Thank you to Ahmet Doygunel for his help with the raffle, Eren Kufi for the photos, Zehra Nalbantoglu for the media and Erkan Arkin our Master of Ceremonies!! We couldn't have done this without you!!

....and of course the day would have been impossible without Guran, Nurcan, Nadiran, Ayse and Hatice. A fantriffic team and an excellent example of what colloboration can achieve!! Thank you everyone :)                                                                                                                                       

Chinese treat at EMU

Teachers at SFL EPS were treated to a taste of Chinese culture today with a mini lesson in Chinese, Chinese music, and demonstrations in Tai Chi and Kung Fu.