Monday, September 10, 2012

Language Leader Training - Starring Grant Kempton

Grant Kempton, one of the authors of the Pearson course book Language Leader, visited the English Preparatory School for four days of training. During the first two days Grant provided engaging and motivating training on 21st century skills and the course book Language Leader. 

On the remaining 2 days, Grant worked with the school's syllabus & testing members.
Thank you to Grant for the invaluable training sessions and to all the participants.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Birthday Celebration, a Poem and a Published Article!

Let's rewind to December 2009, to a small local restaurant called 'Minder' in Nothern Cyprus. Some EMU English Prep School teachers gathered for a colleague -  Sezgi Yalin's birthday celebrations. Sezgi had a surprise for us all - a poem she'd written about all of the guests at her birthday meal! The poem started....

Huseyin – Humble and high above!
Bilge – Big boss!
Hilmiye – How can someone be so sweet?

Now fast forward to the present and Sezgi's poem and the people mentioned are now immortalised in A Pot Porpourri of Activities in the June edition of the Humanising Language Teaching Newsletter. Congratulations Sezgi and thank you for making a moment in time always live on in our hearts.

To read the poem and classroom activities visit