Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sezgi Yalın's website

The goal of the website is to share her work as a teacher/trainer in the ELT world with teachers, teacher trainers, CELTA trainees, those wanting to be teachers, and others who might enjoy traveling and need some inspiration. The site also includes her travelogues and lots of links on professional development, and teaching tips. She also listed some of her articles.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

EMU FLEPS visit Yasar University

Members of the EMU FLEPS Accreditation Advisory Board visited Yasar University for the IATEFL LAM SIG and Yasar University SoFL Joint Conference on Quality and Standards in Language Teaching; A Quest for Excellence in Izmir. FLEPS Board members also spent a day at Yasar University in meetings with the Yasar accreditation team. Many thanks to Yasar University, Engin Ayvaz, Pearson and EMU for making this visit possible. 

OUP Bookworms Competition

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the the Oxford Worms Reading Competition. Many thanks to Guran Kizil Ruso for representing EMU FLEPS on the Grand Jury. Thank you to Deniz Plaza and OUP. 

FLEPS 3rd Annual Workshop Fest .... coming soon

Mark your diaries for Friday, June 28th. FLEPS will be holding it's 3rd Annual Workshop Fest with Plenary Speakers - Grant Kempton & Tony Gurr.

Sam McCarter's IELTS workshop at EMU

Sam McCarter's workshop on Writing Techniques to Improve Students' Scores in Task 1 and 2 in the Academic Version on IELTS was held in FLEPS on April, 8th. Many thanks to Macmillan and Deniz Plaza for thie support.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

G is for Grammar lesson | An A-Z of ELT

Sobering to see teachers in Denmark reverting to a more teacher and grammar centric approach to teaching English, which prompted Scott Thornbury to pen an amusing poen in G is for Grammar lesson | An A-Z of ELT.

I love the final verse:
And this is how, as any learner knows,The English language grammar lesson goes.And this is why (the moral of my verse)The English language learner can’t converse

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One Giant Leap for FL EPS

Today was a historic and exciting moment for FL EPS. The Performance Management Working Group held their orientation session with the Pilot Group. Thanks to Guran, Musteyde, Nil, Christine and Fatma B. for volunteering to be part of this pilot. Well done to the Performance Management Working Group (Hakan, Huseyin, Kenan, Feryal, Cemaliye and  Aysegul) for their endless dedication in putting together the performance programme. Good luck everyone :)

Olé Academic Partnership

Nurcan and Nadiran's Academic Partnership project was presented at the annual INTED conference in Valencia last week. Well done Nurcan!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tony Gurr's Curriculum Delight

Tony Gurr's curriculum consultancy visit took place on Monday, January 28th with around 26 teachers from our Freshman English Courses. Many thanks to Tony, Ali Harp and Pearson for this visit.